Tony de Peltrie

I saw this cartoon when I was a little kid. It terrified me - I think it gave me nightmares. Reminded by Max's icon of Tony the Piano Man, I sought it out on You Tube this morning. Still scary.

Apparently this was considered the first successful reproduction of a human form in CGI. It's certainly among the creepiest and, now that I'm a bit older and can take it (I hope), the coolest...


  1. It was on a videotape of Canadian cartoon shorts that my friend owned. There was another one I'd like to dig up - about alligators dying and turning into whales and being hunted by fellow alligators. Also pretty creepy, but kind of stunning. I'll bet it's on You Tube...

  2. Joel-

    It's called "Skywhales."

  3. Thanks - the next time I have a blogging lull (which will not be for a couple weeks) I'll put that up. Definitely one of the best animated shorts I've ever seen...