And they're off...

Welcome to the new site, which will serve as my central station, outlet for random ideas, interests, and discoveries, and running short commentary on movies, books, events, goings-on in the blogosphere...

I will still be working on The Dancing Image, with longer, more developed essays from time to time, and the Examiner, with reviews of independent films and information on screenings around Boston. I plan to post on The Sun's Not Yellow at least once a day and you are not only invited but encouraged to comment and get a discussion going. Most of these posts will be brief, so consider them conversation-starters.

Content on this blog will fall under one of several categories: responses (usually to a recently-viewed film, but also to books, music, events and ideas in circulation), highlights (embedded videos, pictures, or quotes from books which I want to share, also links to other blogs or websites with interesting material), and updates (every time I put up a new piece, it will be immediately linked here). And maybe some other categories I haven't thought of yet.

In other words, it will be a straightforward blog - no pretensions or delusions of grandeur (I'll save those for elsewhere...) So enjoy, take it with several grains of salt, and keep an eye on this space as post turnover should be frequent.


  1. Congratulations Joel, on the start of the new blog! It's pleasing to the eye for sure, and I must say it's a fine idea to go with the short posts for conversation starters.

  2. Yeah, it just makes sense all around while still (hopefully) allowing room for midsize posts, ideally focused on independent films, on the Examiner, and lengthy, thematically inventive pieces on The Dancing Image. Heck, it may even make those more feasible in some weird way. Thanks for your continued support.